We make your life simple by being the easiest to use, helping ensure compliance and saving you money.

Easy to Use

After years of struggling with clunky and confusing solutions, we decided to build our own.
Unlike our competitors our software has an effortless setup, and five simple icons control all functionality. Every thing is simple and intuitive.

Average number of days in litigation.
Percentage of California businesses hit with employment lawsuits.
$125,000 is the average settlment cost.
ELPI only covers 19% of case settlements.

Tracks Compliance

myEtimecard's system is specifically designed for California labor law compliance. Missteps in compliance could cost you your business. With myEtimecard, overtime and meal breaks are automatically and correctly calculated. It is always accurate, easily accessible and exportable.

Saves You Money

Eliminate wage theft, timecard collection and hours queries from employees. There will be no more rounding, no more holding up payroll or wasting management time on collecting timecards. You won’t have to do manual calculations and employees have access to all of their data.


myEtimecard's has a seamless integration with QuickBooks. Once you’ve reviewed your employees’ timecards, simply press a button and all the data transfers automatically.

Small Business

$18 includes 3 employees then

$4 per employee after 3.




If you have 50+ employees
call for a custom quote.

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