Employee Tracking

Always see who is on the clock and where they are. The Current Tracking module displays a list or map view of all employees on the clock. View any employee's historical location data in the Historical Tracking module.

Know that employees are at the required job site.

Deter location deception.

Access to historical tracking data.

Mobile Timecards

Not receiving timecards on time?
Ever received a timecard with the same hours everyday?
With myEtimecard, you will eliminate timecard collection and have accurate real time data.
Employees also have access to all of their own data right on their smart phone.

Don’t hold up payroll collecting timecards.

Avoid manual calculations.

Employees' have easy access to their hours.

Payroll Compliance

Easy access from the dashboard to view meal deviations and overtime hours. myEtimecard is specifically designed based on California wage and hours laws, giving you the tools to easily track and audit compliance. Flexible settings allow you to handle FLSA and other states' requirements. myEtimecard can also adapt to multiple overtime/meal break rules.

Quickly track and respond to meal break violations.

Customize your overtime settings.

All historic data securly stored in the cloud.


Creating a custom geofence has never been easier. Want to restrict employee from clocking in until they reach a specific location?
Send them alerts when they breached the geofence?
With myEtimecard you have the flexibility to have custom settings depending on each employee's needs.

Prevent employees from clocking in before they reach a geofence.

Know when they leave one geofence and enter another.

Automated location management.

Job Costing

Take job management to the next level with myEtimecard's Job Center. Your Employees use our mobile app to crowdsource their location and service line items into the cloud. Our software then assigns hours to correct customer, Job, and line item in real time making invoicing a breeze.Visually digest all of your projects and their statuses at glance using the Dashboard. Finally, take advantage of our powerful reporting suite to get extremely robust insights into operations.

Crowdsource Labor Data

Track Jobs

Power Up Operations

Employee Management

myEtimecard allows employers to easily add, edit, and inactivate employees. You can send instructions for downloading and using the app with the touch of a button.

Add new employees easily.

Edit existing employees' information.

Quickly inactivate and reactivate employees.

Enterprise Scale

Whether you have hundreds of locations or one, myEtimecard can match the scale of your organization. Our enterprise functionality assists in creating a hierarchy of access. "Branches", "Departments" and "Teams" are the terms to define the sub-levels to an organization.
An industry can give specific employees access to all data, a specific department, or over just one team. This feature is not only useful for large organizations, but also to give foreman or crew leaders the ability to manage their teams.

Create a hierarchy within your company.

Easily assign employees to teams and departments.

Grant administrators access to different branches, departments or teams.

Facial Recognition Kiosk

If your employees don't have smartphones, we have you covered. Use our kiosk on any web based device. myEtimecard's facial recognition technology allows employers to eliminate buddy punching. The software identifies any discrepancies and will alert you when something isn't right.

Use our kiosk if you prefer not to use employees' devices.

Prevent employees from clocking in for each other.

Get alerts when the software doesn't recognize the employee.

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